Transgender Bodybuilder and Trainer Chris Tina Bruce has become a highly respected and outspoken advocate for the Transgender/LGBTQ community. Bruce quickly became a standout spokesperson for the Transgender community when she decided to compete in a body building contest. Through her activism and her fitness & training facility, Bruce is quickly dispelling the "stereo-type" of the transgender community. Bruce also is a much sought after public speaker and has spoken before the national Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI), among other numerous LGBTQ events. Bruce's passion extends to speaking on College Campuses and corporations with workshops that focus on tolerance.

Bruce shares her journey of abandoning a 20-year lucrative professional career to "Stop living a Lie and start living a Life". She touches on a range of LGBTQ issues including marriage equality, portrayals of "what transgender is", through her public speaking engagements. Bruce is also the owner of Hillcrest Fitness and specializes in personal training. If you would like to train with Chris Tina give her a call or you can contact her management for personal appearances, speaking engagements or video work. Chris appeared on the premiere episode for 2012 on "He Said, She Said."